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RV-12 Quick Builds

Want a high quality RV Quickbuild Kit that shows the same quality and care that you will put into completing it? Synergy is now offering a USA Built Quickbuild option for the RV-12. Our location near the Vans manufacturing site allows us to bring a standard kit to quickbuild status without the delay and cost of shipping parts to the Philippines and back. Our facility can offer the care and quality you are looking for while supporting jobs locally and keeping your money in the USA.


This program also allow for some flexibility in determining what portion of the aircraft you’d like completed in compliance with the 51% rule. If you chose to certify E-LSA then there is no 51% rule and you can have any portion of the aircraft built for you which can save you hundreds of hours.

Our experience building the Van’s Aircraft Factory Built RV-12s uniquely qualifies our RV-12 experts to build up your quickbuild. We have helped hundreds of RV Builders and will put together your Quickbuild kit with the understanding of how each piece will fit together as your building progresses. The small details in these steps make a very big difference as the rest of your plane comes together.

Check out the photos of a RV-12 quickbuild fuselage in the album below:

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