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Synergy Air has been praised by many in the Homebuilt Aircraft community and has been a trusted source of training for over 7 years. Click here to read more from a recent article in our local newspaper, the Register Guard.

Below is what people who have been through this process are saying:

“Wally and his team provided me the confidence and support to get my project started! His information has been instrumental in my enjoying the building process. Wally has a wealth of practical knowledge of all RV building materials and processes (and some fantastic tools!) that were of great use. I highly recommend Anderson and his Synergy Air Team as true professionals in the field, with a long list of accomplishments, as well as being sincere and honest. They are a great team to work with.”

– Tim Auer, QuickStart Empennage class participant

“We very much enjoyed our week in Eugene building our RV-7 tail kit. We learned more than enough to confidently order a wing kit and we have every expectation of completing the wings in a few months time. It was a pleasure working in your shop with all the proper tools at hand and with you moving us forward. It is fair to say that we accomplished in six days what would have taken us six weeks of working on our own. I also learned exactly which tools I prefer and I ordered those tools when I got home. I am sure you saved us from making mistakes, too. I expected to ruin a few parts while learning but we got through the week just fine. Even better, Mary is enthusiastic about building an airplane after taking the Saturday class [Fundamentals of Building]. I recommend that people attending the tail building class spend time with the plans beforehand learning as much as they can about the parts and how they fit together.”

– Steve Lindberg, Fundamentals of Building and QuickStart Empennage class participant

“We just wanted to extend our thanks and appreciation for offering such an informative, hands-on class covering the fundamentals of building an RV kit plane. We BOTH really enjoyed our day at your facility and learned so much! You answered all our questions… even questions we didn’t know we had. You will be highly recommended to our friends and acquaintances who are considering building an RV.”

– Greg & Connie English, Fundamentals of Building class participants

“Hi Wally.  Well, we made it back to Temecula, Ca. with our completed empennage kit undamaged! The horizontal stabilizer fit in the trailer quite nicely and the rest went in the back of the truck.  It’s now all safely stored in the spare bedroom. We really enjoyed “Fundamentals of Building” and “QuickStart Empennage” we attended and our week working with you and meeting your charming wife!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.  I think it is quite an accomplishment for you to simultaneously get three different kits (7,8 & 9) done by three different teams of raw recruits. I hope you know how much your patience and teaching skill, your knowledge of Van’s kits, your shop and your skills as an airplane builder are appreciated. What a week, it was worth every penny and it almost wore me out! But we got so much accomplished and learned many new building techniques. Can’t wait to get our QB fuselage and wing kits, end of July.”

– Ron and Susan, RV-7A 72283

“It is hard to put into words the transformation that occurs as a result of the building experience at Synergy. They take neophyte builders and expertly guide them through the building process. Along the way, building skills and confidence develop all under expert and supportive guidance. The end result is an aircraft that is extremely well built, looks great and one that the builder can have every confidence in being built safely.

In addition, a first time builder often doesn’t know what can realistically be done, or what might not be a great idea-due to a variety of limitations: time, money, weight, performance, etc. The expertise and experience at Synergy allows the builder to work out these questions, without making costly mistakes or undue delays. This results in an airplane that the builder can claim as their own and be extremely proud of, without going down the rabbit-hole of unrealistic or costly modifications.”

– Joe Romson, RV Builder

“Overall, the staff I found to be extremely knowledgeable and meticulous. I felt as if it was their own personal aircraft that they were building. Very comforting because for most builders, this is uncharted territory. Thank you ever so much.”

– Paul Reichman, RV Builder

“I wanted to take time to write and thank you for the experience of working with you. Watching and learning from you in a context of being with uniquely qualified people who all seem to also be very good teachers has been marvelous. Your builder assist business model has an unusual customer base and would be considered by any standard a specialized market. Your expertise in his area allows, but doesn’t require you to care of your customers in an extremely personal way. The fact that you do this with such ease and effectiveness is greatly appreciated by me.

As Wally gave me words to express, you have helped me create a family heirloom that one day I will be able to pass to my son’s-in-law and hopefully grandchildren as well. This is no small thing. To be able to one day hand this off to them and not worry about the quality of it’s assembly is price-less.

I am currently trying to figure out how to tell my wife I think I know how I want to spend my yearly vacation at this amazing company filled with fantastic folks doing the most interesting work. Besides, I want to be around when Ryan finishes his RV8 and hear him explain all the goodies before the awards start coming in and people won’t have a chance to get near it.

So I thank all of you for what you have done for and with me, and what you will likely do before it rolls off to the paint shed. You have brought the joy back into one of the most important projects I will ever enjoy.”

– Bill Job, RV Builder

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